Allround Services

Wim de Vos is known for his allround specialism in Paint Booths and Air Technology.

From the first conversation, the first drawing, you will notice the eye for details and the ease with which custom made solutions are presented.
Starting at the CAD drawing till the final completion, the wide range of services is in good hands.

Our expertise is underlined by the amount of satisfied customers that, over the course of years, have always found their way to Wim de Vos.

Using the services of Wim de Vos will help you save enormously in your operating costs, up to 70%!

Paint Booths

Wim de Vos is specialist in designing and placing professional Paint Booths.

For over 15 years we have been the trustworthy partner for both the car and truck painting industry, companies for industrial applications, interior- and furniture painters et cetera. All companies that use paint booths can benefit from our innovative solutions!

Our products help our customers to, maintaining quality and speed, save up to 70% on their costs!

Designing and Delivering Paint Booths

We help our customers with the following services:

  • switchboards and advanced control systems with frequency regulation (custom made is our speciality)
  • paint booths in accordance with AI19, NEN 6069 and the machinery directive
  • paint mixing spaces with the same specs
  • preprocessing exhaust, if needed with re-circulation
  • carbon filter installations
  • very thin lighting fixtures (39mm) 
  • room heating for large spaces, hot air, gas fired infra red
  • air curtains
  • air channels
  • infra red – systems
  • central dust extraction


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Air Technology

For over 15 years we have been delivering solutions for paint booths in The Netherlands and abroad.
Our services and solutions are recognised for the ease to work with, and the savings they offer.

Using innovative solutions always helps us to continually get the best results for our customers.

Our solutions are used by customers that work in these areas:

  • car painters
  • truck painters
  • furniture painters 
  • interior painters
  • painters for industrial applications

Discover our creative and flexible solutions for yourself!

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Carbon Filters

Wim de Vos uses Carbon Filters for their Paint Booths. That leads to savings of up to 70% on electricity bills!

This 'one-off' investments is often earned back within a period as short as 3 years!

Why Use Carbon filters in paint Booths?

Wim de Vos Works with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) control unit, measuring and controlling all processes for you. Everything you need is within reach and under your control:

  • Temperature, measuring and regulation
    Simply set the acquired temperatures and dry times, the control unit will automatically take care of the rest. Depending on the concentration of solvents and the indoor and outdoor temperature, the refreshing of air will be controlled proportionally so the temperature will be constant. This way, the burner only needs to be used occasionally, saving a lot of money!
  • Air circulation regulation
    With the inbuilt frequency regulators you can easily mange the air circulation. Choose from 3 standard levels; for small kleine workpieces more air circulation is needed than for larger workpieces. During driving in and out and preparation, the air circulation is small so the downward stream makes sure that dust cannot whirl up to the ceiling filters. When the booth is used for painting, the  speed automatically goes up, and afterwards it goes down again. Saving a lot of energy, time and irritation.
  • Pressure measurement, automatic regulation
    The exhaust fan is also frequency regulated. With a sensor the pressure difference between paint booth and workplace is measured. This will automatically take into account the different adjustable capacities (level rest, 1, 2 and 3), the variable refresh scheme, the filter pollution and pre processing floors in the workplace. This regulation works  werkt stepless, both during painting and drying. Saving you dust and problems with pressure waves!
  • Solvents, measurement and control
    The concentration solvents, virtually all hydrocarbons is continuously measured and displayed. On the basis of this measurement, the refreshment can be determined and controlled. Now the highest value (either the temperature or the concentration) determines the number of refreshments. Controlling the MAC values, your employees will always work in a clean and safe environment. Without extra effort always a safe workplace!
  • Process choice and control
    The new controller has 3 programs:
    Spraying – 3 speeds and rest
    QuickDry/QDS – highest speed, higher than now, and full speed
    Drying – starts at the lowest speed and changes during the drying process, 2x on the highest speed to avoid boiling bubbles or pinholes. Everything in one overview, easy and fast to operate.


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